Red...A string of brilliant red flutters in the wind seemingly untethered and carefree. Reaching for the string reveals that it is indeed tethered to me. A gentle breeze tugs on the string and I am given a start. This beautiful glowing red string is tied neatly around my Heart. An intriguing question forms in my mind, a puzzle that won't give in. "If the red string's end lay at my Heart, then where does it begin?" A quest was undertaken. A journey did unfold. With red string guiding onward, I marched for destination untold. Through wooded glens I carried my scarlet threaded Heart. No obstacle would stay me from retracing end to start. Red strings are often cited in stories of Fated Love. Stories of second chances written in the stars above. A field of red before me as far as the eye can see. "My love, it seems, has reached you," a Voice gently says to me. "Come close and know My Refuge. It is I who makes you Free." Dressed in shining garment, a man I do behold. He is Majestic in His bearing. Perhaps He is a King of Old. His robe is of brilliant white and a crown rests on His head. He opens His hands toward me and I am filled with dread. they've been pierced! They are wounded They've been bleeding...His palms are the color red. His crown is made of thorns, now I can clearly see. The King of Old approaches and I humbly take a knee. "The red string that you've been chasing is a thread of my Love for thee.