How well do you know your Bible?
  1. Is there any proof that the devil was ever in hell?

  1. What scripture(s) reveals the authority of the Bible?

  1. Was Queen Esther the niece of Mordecai?

  1. When was the only time that God allowed the sun not to set at it's normal time?

  1. Does the Bible give reference to automobiles?

  1. When men die in the Lord, do they really go into heaven?

  1. What is the key to a Prayer's request?

  1. Should being a Police Officer considered to be wrong for a Saint?

  1. Will people remember things concerning this life in the new earth?

  1. In the book of Daniel, when King Nebuchadnezzar saw a form like the Son of God, who or what was he looking at?

  1. What particular thing in the Bible that is always certain to fall?

  1. Why did Jesus say we should always be of good cheer?

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